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When established in the year 1948, bishop Benziger hospital was the very first private hospital in Quilon with inpatient facilities. After 65 years, today it is the one of the biggest hospitals in Kollam having all the major departments, modern equipments, excellent facilities, eminent doctors and efficient paramedical staff.

The hospital is committed to its original inspiration while attempting to tune to the contemporary needs and situations. The belief that healing is for the whole person, who also has a spiritual dimension is uncompromisingly maintained and underlines the approach and treatment.

Health care today is undergoing fast-paced changes in terms of technology, methodologies, perspectives, attitudes and values. Surviving and excelling amidst such a surge of changes call for the need for wisdom and conviction to be different. Consent vigilance is exercised not to fall into the pit of commercialization and at the same time, to excel in service aided by the advancement of modern medical science and technology.

As part of its attempt to rediscover its identity and mission amidst the present day realities, the hospital finds new avenues of involvement apart from the routine hospital activities. Initiatives like community health centre’s and community radio are example for this.

Community health promotional activities form an integral component of our mission. Hence from the very inception of this hospital we have been involving ourselves in many community based activities. But the community health centre’s which we have started are the most tangible expression of our commitment to society. Catering to the primary health needs of a population of more than 25000 people of the coastal village in the vicinity of the hospital, our nursing students and staff are engaged in an activity of social purpose. Although it was only a happy coincidence, our decision to start a community radio came in perfect combination with community health activities. Bishop Benziger hospital will always remain committed to the ideals of a mission hospital.


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Bishop Benziger Hospital has been accredited with the NABH Safe I certification