• Dept. of Emergency Medicine/ Casuality & Trauma Ca

    The Emerency Dept. is the main service high light of our hospital consists of 3 main areas.

    1. Emergency Trauma care 

    2. Minor OT.

    3. Dept. of Emergency Medicine.

    Our Panel of Doctors

    • Dept .of Anaesthesiology

      When established in the year 1948, bishop Benziger hospital was the very first private hospital in Quilon with inpatient facilities. After 65 years, today it is the one of the biggest hospitals in Kollam having all the major departments, modern equipments, excellent facilities, eminent doctors and efficient paramedical staff.

      The hospital is committed to its original inspiration while attempting to tune to the contemporary needs and situations. The belief that healing is for the whole person, who also has a spiritual dimension is uncompromisingly maintained and underlines the approach and treatment.

      Our Panel of Doctors

      • Dept .of Cardiology

        Our cardiovascular department is well equipped with contemporary facilities for detecting and testing various cardiac disorders.  A dedicated team of 2 cardiologists  and  well trained nursing staff are at  the service.  At CVD all diagnostic procedures are performed in addition to the excellent clinical work up. Cardiovascular consultations focuses on cardiovascular risks, Health Screening and promotion,compilation of the various cardiovascular disorders, emergency implementation measures, client education and rehabilitation.

      • Dept .of Dentistry Orthodontics oral and maxillo facial surgery

        Our Panel of Doctors

        • Dept .of Dermatology

          All kinds of Dermatological disorders management.

          Our Panel of Doctors

          • Dept .of E.N.T



            Our Panel of Doctors

            • Dept .of Gastroenterology



            • Dept .of General Medicine

              Dept. of General medicine is the foremost department and is well developed with State-of-the- art 8 bedded Medical ICU with Computerised central Monitoring Station, Ultra Modern Ventilators with Arterial Blood Gas Analysers, Complete Medical Check-up and Executive health Check-up on all days, Diabetic Clinic, vascular doppler, Podiatric Scan etc.

            • Dept .of General Surgery

              All kids of General Surgical Procedures.  Stae-of -the-art Operation Theatre Suites

              Our Panel of Doctors

              • Dept. of Neonatology

                Well equiped to take care of the infants and premature babies. 24 hour Consultant level neonatology care and well trained nursing staff. Excellent facilities for Neonatal Surgery & Post Operative Care. Warmer& Phototherapy Units. Ventilators etc.

              • Dept .of Laparoscopic Surgery

                All kids of  Laparoscopic Surgical Procedures.  Stae-of -the-art Operation Theatre Suites

              • Dept .of Nephrology

              • Dept .of Neurology

                Our Panel of Doctors

                • Dept .of Neurology

                  Our Panel of Doctors

                  • Dept .of Oncolgy

                    Our Panel of Doctors

                    • Dept .of Paediatrics

                      Our Panel of Doctors

                      • Dept .of Physiotherapy

                      • Dept .of Plastic Surgery

                      • Dept .of Psychiatric Medicine

                      • Dept .of Spine &Neuro Surgery

                      • Dept .of Urology

                      • Emergency Case

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                      • Opening Hours

                        • Monday - Thursday
                          8.00 - 17.00
                        • Friday
                          9.00 - 18.00
                        • Saturday
                          9.30 - 17.30
                        • Sunday
                          9.30 - 15.00

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